Fashion Week

by Team STRAPTiTUDE February 12, 2018

Fashion Week

By ~ Jane ~


Brands are paying attention to them, that's for sure. Last December, when Mercedes Benz announced a string of changes it would be making at New York Fashion Week via the Wall Street Journal, the only thing the Internet cared about was that the article mentioned something about "fewer bloggers." (Google "bloggers" and "fashion week" to get a load of the extensive coverage.) But a good headline is sometimes just a good headline. We all know that the bloggers are brought to shows by brands, not the entity that is New York Fashion Week.

And this season, brands have plenty of talented bloggers to choose from. "Fashion Week is transforming from an industry need into a marketing opportunity," says Fohr Card founder James Nord. (Fohr Card, by the way, is a members-only service that offers brands access to both public and proprietary data of thousands of blogs, all on one dashboard.) "Relationships with bloggers can guarantee a certain level of coverage from an engaged audience." What is changing, though, is the importance of Twitter, Instagram and other platforms compared to a blogger's actual URL. "Traffic may shift away from blog URLs over to other platforms, but there is always going to be a place for influential voices," Nord says.

Click through to see Fohr Card's picks for 8 bloggers brands should be paying attention to this Fashion Week.


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Margaret Zhang Shine By Three Twitter: @Margaret__Zhang Instagram:@margaret__zhang This Australian personal style blogger's look is colorful, cool and not at all contrived.


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Justin Livingston Scout Sixteen Twitter: @justinliv Instagram: @justinliv The New York-based Livingston mixes #menswear pursuits with serious thoughts on cool interiors.

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Daniel Kelleghan Daniel Kelleghan Photography Twitter: @dkelleghanInstagram: @dkelleghan The Chicago-based commercial photographer, a self-professed lover of "travel, art, people, fashion, coffee and bikes," mostly shoots architecture and people.

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Rachel Iwanyszyn Jag Lever Twitter: @JagLever Instagram: @jaglever The photographer/stylist/personal style blogger makes the Americana look accessible to women.

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Francisco Marin Francisco Marin Twitter: @PIZZAPARTY4EVER Instagram:@pizzaparty4ever This fashion photographer lives on the Lower East Side and mostly shoots portraits of cool girls with great hair.


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Noah Kalina Noah Kalina Twitter: @noahkalina Instagram: @noahkalina Kalina shoots quite a bit for e-commerce sites, like the newly launched Storq, but his outdoorsy photos are just as compelling.

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Joshua Woods Joshua Woods Twitter: @Joshua__Woods Instagram:@joshuawoods Follow the Harlem-based photographer for an interesting mix of lifestyle and fashion photos.

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Rachel Martino RachMartino Twitter: @rachel_martino Instagram:@rachmartino Martino is a Southern girl who landed in Brooklyn and dabbles in vlogging. (She works in social media, too.) Her site is a mix of personal style shots and stories about living in New York.


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