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At STRAPTiTUDE, we want to ensure that your experience with our products is outstanding, before, during and after your purchase. If ever in doubt if an Online Retailer or Brick & Mortar partner is selling counterfeit, please e-mail us at:

For every succesful "find" of a counterfeit Retailer, STRAPTiTUDE will send a Cease and Desist letter and provide a free NIGHT RADIANT or PEACE CORE product (plus a Strap of choice) completely free of charge to the party who notified STRAPTiTUDE about the counterfeiter.

Whether you purchase from a retail store or online, we want you to have an experience that leaves you completely satisfied. Our retail partners have proven to us that they are committed to delivering a consistently excellent level of service.

Why buy from an authorized retailer?

The only way to ensure you are buying an authentic STRAPTiTUDE watch is to purchase it through an authorized retailer or directly at

When you purchase a watch from an authorized retailer, you can be assured that:

  • You are buying an authentic STRAPTiTUDE timepiece
  • Your watch will be covered by STRAPTiTUDE’s Limited International warranty
  • Any service or repair will be conducted by experienced personnel
  • You will experience the highest level of customer service

The ONLY Authorized Reseller ONLINE of STRAPTiTUDE products is "ELEGANCE CITY", an Authorized Amazon Reseller in Japan, Europe and the USA. Purchases made from E-Commerce platforms such as eBay and Groupon or an unauthorized third party vendor on Amazon, means the timepiece is a counterfeit, used or defective. STRAPTiTUDE will not honor any warranty claims that are not accompanied by the original receipt. Documentation submitted by unauthorized resellers are NOT under our Warranty program.

To find an authorized dealer or retailer in your area, please e-mail:, or make your purchases from our Sole Authorized Amazon agent "ELEGANCE CITY" or on our Official Website.

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