In-House Strap Designing


The Forever Green Signature Strap

18K Real Rose gold plated

In house strap designing permits us to keep prices rock bottom on our straps.

nato, Leather, mesh straps - 18K Real gold plated buckles

Distinctive high end Straps. Buckle plated in 18k Real Rose Gold. Don't forget to choose one before you checkout to match with your timepiece!

Strap designer - Chad Campbell

We take a lot of pride in our Straps. We built an entire business around Straps!

You'll notice our prices are the lowest you can find anywhere. It is our signature product and we ensure that customers don't need to pay more than they have to.

Green personally is my favourite colour. You can't tell from this picture due to the lighting, but I am indeed sporting the Forever Green. It resembles our entire brand mantra.... Keeping the most clean and serene city in the world, well, Forever Green!

We received some enquiries on why just one size. At the end of the day, we are a startup. From a logistic POV, we'll be smashed making various sizes and meeting purchasing MOQ's out of the gate. It would have to be something in the future. For now, price, quality and style is the name of the game. 

We will keep coming out with trendy, fresh designs. Currently, I am working on 18k Gold bracelets, the trick is to keep to the brand image of keeping our products clean, minimalistic, serene, as well as highly affordable. Plus - Brainstorming on how we are going to get blokes stoked on wearing a Gold Bracelet (not just the ladies).

-Chad Campbell, Straps & accessories Designer




... the attitude's in the strap!

Designed with Elegance and Sophistication in mind!

"Looking back through all these years, and in all my travels in the last two decades, Vancouver has left the greatest impression on me. The climate leaves Vancouver green, year round. The air is clean. The streets are clean. Even the beaches are clean. The air in Vancouver smells so good that whenever I am driving in the city, I stick my head out just to taste the air. The supernatural 1,000 acre Stanley Park makes Vancouver one of the greenest, most precious cities to live in, anywhere. I'd be hard pressed to believe a more serene city to wake up to."

-Straptitude Vancouver

Chief Designer, Ronnie Holmes

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